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  • Reductionist Theory Of Personal Identity

    in terms of ethics. I am going to discuss two basic categories of theories on personal identity – a reductionist view through the eyes of Derek Parfit, and a non-reductionist one, namely, the self-interest theory based on the assumption of a Cartesian Pure Ego. Theories of identity similar to the Cartesian pure ego have been an underlying assumption in many belief systems. Many religions base their beliefs on the assumption of a ‘soul’- an entity entirely separate from its simpler components, such as the body, mind, and experiences. This theory of personal identity has had massive implications in the world of ethics because so many…

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  • Locke Personal Identity Theory Analysis

    Locke’s Essays on Human Understanding continue to be taught, discussed and debated today. In particular, Locke’s personal identity theory is considered to still be extremely relevant in modern times. In personal identity theory Locke explains the distinction between the definition of words, such as human, person and substance, which he claims are often used to convey the same meaning. Then Locke discusses the main factor that suggests the sameness of personal identity – consciousness, and…

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  • Derek Parfit: The Concepts Of Personal Identity

    He illustrates the concepts of personal identity in Reasons and Persons by putting out this thought experiment. Bodily continuity has been the main criteria for personal identity for quite a while, and continues to do so. This conception is often compared to psychological continuity as being the better suited to what defines one person as being the same the next day. The thought experiment of the teleportation machine portrays how the concept of personal identity can change. If the bodies sent…

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  • Locke's Theory Of John Locke And Personal Identity

    For Locke, personal identity does not subsist on the substance it is made of, be it of physical or spiritual nature (p. 16-17). For, if personal identity would rely on physical matter, it would mean that losing an arm or leg would constitute a new identity. Locke says that by seeing a person without an arm as the same person they were with the arm, is proof that “the substance whereof personal self consisted at one time may be varied at another” (p. 15). Thus, if the physical is not what…

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  • The Importance Of Digital Identity And Personal Identity

    A personal identity is something that defines a person and is developed throughout the course of their life. It is made up of the essential and unique characteristics which defines you and includes both aspects of your life which you have control over such as what your interests are and what you do during your spare time, as well as factors which you have no control over for example your physical characteristics and where you grew up. Digital Identity is the technological equivalent of Personal…

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  • Personal Identity And Identity

    Throughout time, we have classified and labeled people into different categories, ranging from age to physical capabilities. Moreover, learning our identity and self will help us understand the different effects assigning identities can have on a person’s outlook. “Our self is what we’re born with, our gender, our physical characteristics; our identity is created by the development of the “self’ (our self-concept), in spurts, through communication over a long period of time” (Martin, Nakayama…

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  • Personal Identity Essay

    Throughout my academic career I struggled to find a sense of my own identity. In high school, and early in my college career, I wasn 't sure what I really wanted to pursue in life. I 'd always felt a pressure to succeed from my family, my community, and my peers. I 've never had a strong ethnic or cultural identity, my ancestors come from all over, but I 'm given the sole label “Caucasian”. When I was younger, I felt that it was a disadvantage not having a strong cultural or ethnic identity. I…

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  • The Importance Of Personal Identity

    There are about seven billion identities on the face of Earth. Every individual throughout the years of their life develops their identities, personal and social. Personal identity is how one perceives oneself over one’s lifespan. Social identity is what social categories one places oneself in. It is a lifelong process that we can do unconsciously; therefore defining our own identity can be tricky. I will explain the importance of knowing one’s identity with Gandi’s quote, “Be the change you…

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  • Personal Identity In The Doctor Who

    Doctor Who tells the story of an alien humanoid who goes by the name of the Doctor. The Doctor is a Time Lord and possess the power to travel through space and time with a machine called TARDIS and the show goes through his adventures traveling through space and time. The interesting part of the show is that the Doctor has died 11 times, but is reincarnated each time with a different personality, yet retains all the memories of the previous versions. Despite having a different personality and…

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  • Personal Identity Reflection Paper

    Identity is a socially constructed concept. We learn about our own respective identity and the identity of others through interactions with family, peers, organisations, institutions, the media and through other connections we make in everyday life. Identity is the beliefs, qualities, personality, appearance and culture that make a person who they are. Identity relates to self image, self esteem and individuality. Personal identity evolves over the course of our lives and may involve aspects of…

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