Smoking in Public Places Essay

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  • Smoking In Public Places

    the habit of smoking it has been in circulation. It all began when the settlers brought back the Native Americans’ herbs on their ships and has stuck around since then (Borio). The act of smoking tobacco has since then been revealed as a health concerning and addictive habit that is seen as distracting and even annoying by plenty of people in America who don’t participate in smoking it (Rutherford). Because of this, the controversy concerning smoking tobacco, whether in the form of cigarettes, cigars, or any other means, in public places and whether or not it should be banned and seen as illegal and to what degree these bans should extend to has popped up in many states across America throughout the past decade (Clune). Throughout this essay, I will explore the reasons for and against this decision and will give my own supported reasons as to why I believe that the smoking of tobacco in public places should be banned in the Knox County area. Before establishing anything more, it is important to clarify what is and what is not considered a “public” place. “A…

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  • The Dangers Of Smoking In Public Places

    most people have no knowledge of what the smell of a cigarette can do to their body. Smoking is more than someone with an addiction. It has become a death sentence. Sadly, those who do not partake in the activity suffer the same consequence as those who do. For instance, children who are around smoke for long periods of time often develop respiratory problems. Years ago, smoking was the cool thing to do, but since discovering its fatal qualities, it has become a major problem within our…

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  • Effects Of Smoking In Public Places

    American public. Thousands items being recalled for unqualified the standard safety points. For example, the biggest motor company in the U.S, General Motor Corporation, recalled more than two million cars last two years because the Takata airbag issues leads to fifteen deaths in car accidents, or the Volkswagen recall due to the lie about emission effecting the environment. But…

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  • Smoking Should Be Banned In Public Places

    against your will. Smoking should be banned in public places for the health problems it can cause, the damages it can cause business owners ,and the inconvenience it puts on customers. First, smoking causes numerous health problems to the smoker. Graham Jackson states, “...there is no such thing as safe smoking. Smoking five cigarettes a day doubles your risk of heart disease and smoking 20 a day increases your risk by at least 10 times. Reducing the number of cigarettes smoked helps, but…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Smoking In Public Places

    Smoking Ban in Public Places As a popular saying goes by, smoking is dangerous to your health. It is said that smoking a major problematic health issues around the world. Smoking leads to several of the most dangerous disease. Regardless of awareness that smoking damages health, people could not easily give up on smoking due to many reasons such as physical and mental addition, stress, and peer pressure. These practices raise a concern for public health, safety, and welfare since studies have…

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  • Importance Of Smoking In Public Places Essay

    Smoking should be banned in all public places I believe smoking will be banned in all public places in the future. Nowadays, there are more and more people care about their health. Some countries also began to issue the law for the smoking people. With the time goes by, all public places will be banned smoking. First, smoking is bad for smoker’s health. There are plenty of bad influences for the smokers, for example, if they are addiction in tobacco, their sleeping will be worse than normal…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Smoking In Public Places

    fact that they are harming those around them everytime they “light up.” Smoking is defined as “the cloud of black, gray, or white gases and dust that is produced by burning something” by Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The majority of people do not enjoy inhaling those clouds of smoke given off by others around them. Second-hand smoke negatively impacts a person’s dining experience. Most people do now want breathe it in and smell like the lingering smoke from dining. Although Illinois has made it…

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  • The Importance Of Smoking In Community And Public Places

    While I am certain smoking should be prohibited in community or public places. Several people think smoking shouldn’t be barred in public locations because it’s an uncontrolled country and we have the freedom to make our own selections. Smoking any type of tobacco product is dangerous to the well-being of countless, not just the smoker, but individuals near the smoker. Prohibiting smoking in open places would decrease the amount of people that smoke each year and inspire individuals to smoke not…

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  • Why Should Smoking Be Banned In The Public Place

    Abstract I chose this topic to persuade my audience that smoking should be banned in a public place. Because smoke is very dangerous for health, it is possible to get cancer easily. Therefore, all the restaurants should provide side zone for the smokers and make a strong barrier so that non-smokers will not get harm. What are the bad effects of smoking in public? Why should they not smoke? What is the social effect that might happen? Should smoking be banned in the…

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  • Should Smoking Be Banned In Public Places Essay

    Medical research has shown that smoking not only harms the body of the smoker and can lead to unhealthy living, but can also harm Individuals around them. Smoke can reduce life by 9-10 years, especially when individuals light a cigarette and dont think of how it can harm the people around them. This addiction is a cause for Second-hand smoke, Bad odor, and it portrays a negative influence on society. Therefore, many people believe that smoking should be banned in public places. Although this…

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