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  • Social Media And Social Depression

    the more time young adults use social media, the more likely they are to be depressed.” (Chowdry, n.d.) According to the survey, there is a direct link to the amount of time young adults spend online and people that exhibit symptoms of depression. The depression is called Facebook depression because of its volume of users, and it was the site of a study; however, depression is not limited to Facebook. Additionally, people are in general social creatures, and they feel the need for interaction that leads to staying connected online and communicate. Becker, Alzahabi, & Hopwood conducted a study on the effects of social media on depression and social anxiety. The study “revealed that increased media multitasking was associated with higher depression and social anxiety symptoms, even after controlling for overall media use and the personality traits of neuroticism and…

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  • Social Media And Social Construction

    People in society greatly affect the development of media technology. I will be looking at the structural constraints in terms of social construction. Structure is defined as “the values and beliefs in society, such as gender, government, education, and family”. (Croteau, David, and William Hoynes. Media/society: Industries, Images, and Audiences. 4th ed. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: SAGE, 2012. Print.). People organize these different structures. Structural constraints are “preexisting structures…

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  • Social Mediums In Social Media

    egocentric than ever, people must resist or conform to a form of life that revolves strongly around knowing what everybody is doing all the time through social media platforms. Ms. Ham and Mr. Standage focus on how trends draw people out of their normal social interactions and into a world that seemingly revolves around themselves (We Shall Overshare, Mary Ham 280). Their focus upon the false sense of attention that people get from sharing about themselves shows how the audience in each article…

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  • Vulnerability Of Social Media

    1. RESEARCH TOPICS • The vulnerability of information security and social media. This topic is going to be used to show the reader the different kinds of vulnerability that is placed on information security when using social media. Many people do not realize how much someone can find out about yourself solely from social media. Social media has captured the world’s interest, but also the interest of hackers. • Possible threats to personal security when using social media. Many people are daily…

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  • Social Media Relationships

    are able to interact with each other. A person from the US can communicate to someone across the globe in mere seconds. And some social media websites, like Facebook or Twitter, promote social interaction between users and provide an environment where strangers can more comfortably acquaint and befriend with each other. Social media serves as a social hub for large number of users promoting greater community engagement but less privacy and personal relations. With more and more users joining…

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  • Social Media Distractions

    once stated by Ian Somerhalder, “Social media is changing the world, and we are all here witnessing it.” Since the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the planet has transformed into a connected nature. With inventions of the computer, telephone, and cell phone, society has expanded the ability to communicate with others with just the touch of a button. With bright screens and animated buzz on every corner, it is very challenging for students and teens to focus on themselves and figure out who…

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  • Social Media Debate

    on the effects of social media on society. In the year of 2014, Steve and Jim are two students who attend the same school. Their teacher for debate class has assigned them a topic and they end up in a heated debate about whether the effects of social media have been more positive or negative to society. Mr. Ross: Hello class, I hope everyone had a good weekend. As I recall from last class, I assigned two people who will debate on the topic whether social media has brought more positive or…

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  • Social Media Strategy

    consumers personas has helped identify the social media platforms with the highest concentration of the target audience. The types of personas identified within the technographic profile also aided in the selection of social media platforms. Specifically, since the majority of adults between ages 18-34 tend to spectate, join or criticize brands, BT needs to concentrate on those platforms such as the Community Forum and Facebook that have the highest percentage of negative sentiment. In addition,…

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  • Conformity In Social Media

    Conformity, in its truest form, comes from social media; from Hollywood and the creators of these lovely outlets. Social media has skyrocketed in the late 2000’s thanks to a huge advancement in technology. While I enjoy Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, I can also admit that it is the root for most of our problems. Social media has opened a door to unlimited access of communication to every corner of the world. In the beginning, intentions for social media were good, but quickly turned bad.…

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  • Social Media Voting

    four years the country is glued to their television screens or their phones for much of the year as political candidates are named and the announcement of a new president, or a second term for the current president is announced. Opinions on political matters are also shared more often and with higher magnitude as the rise of social media has continued with users able to use share their opinions to a wide audience at any time. Despite all this, the voting turnout for presidential elections and…

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