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  • The Importance Of Summer Learning Loss

    Summer Learning Loss School serves a variety of purposes in society, from providing the foundation for students to gain critical knowledge that they will need before they enter the real world to creating a place for students to interact and learn how to build relationships with one another. The very foundation of the human race’s dominance or superiority over all other species in life is the intellectual knowledge we have obtained over a period of time. With that in mind it is very important that we as a human race continue to acquire knowledge to maintain our place at the top of the food chain. In our society school serves as the medium for young people to gain knowledge. In America, it is mandatory for every citizen or child to attend…

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  • The Importance Of Problems With The Quarter System

    Yet, I am writing to point out problems with the quarter system. Similarl to many aggies, in my first college year, I had a hard time adapting to the university life because of the quarter system. To succeed in university, every UC student must spend a lot of time adapting this depressive and painful system. However, after acclimating this schedule, students still need to bear massive stress and many inconveniences that are brought by quarter system and may influence their moods and health…

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  • Korean Wedding Analysis

    Our new client, the hotel’s owner, was waiting for us as we walked into the lobby for the first time. He appeared tired and frustrated. He said, “Please help me get back my successful hotel.” His 235 unit, full service hotel had had its economic rug pulled out from underneath. This two story property was built on a site selected for its proximity to a large GM manufacturing plant. As a result, our client had enjoyed two decades of profitable RevPAR. Each week a small army of suppliers,…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Summer Break

    they wait for the final bell to ring, the signal that announces the start of summer break…but it never comes. As “horrifying” as that sounds, that has been the norm for 10% of publicly-enrolled students, or about 3,000 schools residing in the United States according to the educational company, Niche on their statistical data about year-round schooling. This issue has been debated time after time and is widely loathed by many adolescents; most who have never experienced the benefits that emerge…

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  • Fall Experience

    diversity in the environment plus the perfect weather accompanying this amazing time of the year. I was eight years old when I first traveled to the United States. It was on the winter of the 2000. My parents decided to come on winter, so that my sisters and I could have the opportunity to see the snow. The moment when I met the snow for the very first time; was kind of shocking. I spent the first eight years of my life watching it on movies, but having no idea how it would feel like to touch…

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  • Narrative Essay About Summer Break

    Summer Break More times than not, when you return to school from summer break, a commonly asked question is, "Did you have a good summer?" Clearly this isn't a bad question to ask, but when summer break was terrible, sometimes it's easier to just answer the question with a response as simple as: "Not too bad" or "Pretty good", that usually saves you from having to answer even more questions that you would have been asked if you were to say that you didn't have a good summer. With that being…

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  • Life Changing Moment Analysis

    During summer, teenagers and younger children seem to have a great time catching up with family, friends, or anyone who they have not communicated with as frequently due to the pressure and stress of the school year. With summer comes many life changing moments for teenagers as they approach another year in high school. While some of these life changing moments assist teenagers in becoming a more mature version of themselves, some life changing moments leave teenagers hanging, hopelessly waiting…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Life At The Gulf Shores

    This summer my parents were sitting at home on a boring sunday night while I was out with my friends. My mom texted me and said I need to come home soon because we were going on a trip tomorrow and my flight leaves around one. When my mom told me we were going to Gulf Shores, Alabama I thought it was really weird and I was not excited. I was actually really upset because it was towards the end of summer and I wanted to stay here and hangout with my friends. So the next morning my Dad and…

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  • The Rain And Rain In The Great Gatsby

    relationship between Gatsby and Daisy. The rain and sunshine when Gatsby and Daisy first meet after five years reflect Gatsby’s nervousness at first and set the emotional tone of the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy from embarrassment to comfort in chapter 5. As a very crucial point in the novel, the setting of Gatsby and Daisy’s first meeting after five years of separation starts with a rainy day in early summer. Nick depicts the weather of that day as “the day agreed upon was pouring…

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  • My Life Of Brandon Daniel Arios

    Silvia was the first person to sign me up for a sport and she signed me up for, Baseball. My grandma, was at every game I ever played. She always made sure I had the gear and apparel I needed and, after every game she would always have a good hearty meal. The best meal she would cook was Chicken and dumplings. Sadly, even with my grandma having her own cook book I still do not know the recipe. Nonetheless, I went on to play baseball for four summers and one summer end up winning the league…

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