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  • Teen Pregnancy: The Causes And Effects Of Teen Pregnancy

    Aim 1.1 The aim of this report is to discuss Teen Pregnancy, to inform you on this social issue and provide answers to questions you may have. Hopefully to bring some insight to you on this issue. Definition 1.2 What is teen pregnancy? Its when a girl between the ages of 14-19 fall pregnant, teen mothers are at higher risks of being judged by peers, family and the social eye compared to elder mothers. DISCUSSION 2. Who does teen pregnancy effect? 2.1 The main person effected was obviously the soon to be mother, soon to be father the unborn baby and their parents. The mother becomes more likely to drop out of school, less then one third of teen mums don 't receive child support so they turn to the government and…

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  • Causes Of Teen Pregnancy

    America in a teenage pregnancy crisis!”, was the headlines in every major news topic in this country. However, the alarming rate has declined by 9 percent from 2013 to 2014. Women in the age range of 15-19 years of age gave birth to 249,078 babies in 2014. Therefore, reducing the birth rate 24.2 percent per 1,000 females within that age bracket. In the year 2013 it was reported the birth rate was at 26.5 percent per 1,000 females within 15-19 age group. These babies were close to 89 percent of…

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  • The Increase In Teen Pregnancy

    Before the twenty-first century, teenage pregnancy has been taboo; however, it has been prevalent in society. Over the years, according to Evelyn Kappeler (2013), director of the HHS office of Adolescent Health, the United States teen birth rate has decreased to “26.5 births per 1,000 females in 2013” for females aged fifteen to nineteen years old making it the lowest teen birth rate in the history of United States (para. 5). The reason behind the decrease in teenage pregnancy can be credited to…

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  • Pregnancy In Teen Mothers

    Article #1page one According to Holub et al. (2007), a group of 154 teen mothers who are being investigated from their third trimester up until 16 months after giving birth. These teen moms are ranging from the ages 14 through 19, all clients from 10 different local clinics in their area. There was a series of four sessions that mothers were talking about different things such as how they were dealing with motherhood, how their stress level was, and how they were feeling. Mothers hold the…

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  • Teen Pregnancy Effects On Teenage Pregnancy

    The effect teen pregnancy has on the mothers in substantial, from conception to life after birth. How do most cases of teen pregnancy occur? Adolescent females are likely to answer either out of “readiness” or peer pressure. In the case of “readiness”, we describe readiness as feeling as if you are mature enough to make the responsible decision to have sex, and understanding and accepting the responsibility of practicing safe sex, for not only you but for your partner as well. One the other hand…

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  • Teen Pregnancy

    America alone, today’s generation of teens are classified as generation x; lazy and unmotivated, the technological generation but today’s teens have proven themselves statistically striving in some aspects in comparison to previous generations (Act for youth). According to technical definition, teens are anyone age thirteen through age nineteen. Studies are estimating that in America by 2060, white teens will be the minority (Act). With data from the same 2012 census, we found that 22% of…

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  • Abortion Of Teen Pregnancy

    follows through with their plan, some people make mistakes and end up getting pregnant. When a teen girl gets pregnant, she thinks it’s the end of the world and either wants to drop out of highschool and quit everything or get an abortion. Most teens want an abortion. What is an abortion? An abortion is the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy that is most often performed in the first 28 weeks of the pregnancy. There are many states in the United States that support abortion and many that…

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  • The History Of Teen Pregnancy

    The teens pregnancy is not a new occurrence in our society, however, the perception of American society on this topic changed in the last century. Until late 1800’s, main concern about pregnant teen was to be married before baby was born and most of states codes allowed girls as young as 12 to do so (Teen Pregnancy, 2008). However, due to living condition, poor diet and diseases, most of teen girls did not reach physical maturity until late teens which limited number of early pregnancies. In…

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  • Teen Pregnancy Effects

    After discovering that they are pregnant, many of these young mothers are overcome with emotions such as “anger, guilt, and denial” (Valdez). Since most teen pregnancies are unplanned, it can be very difficult for these young women to cope with the idea that they are pregnant and to accept how drastically their lives are going to change, no matter whether they choose to keep the child, put the baby up for adoption, or have an abortion. This whirlwind of emotions can put a strain on the mother…

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  • The Importance Of Teens Teen Pregnancy

    of does the tv show “16 and pregnant” promote or discourage teenage pregnancy, it seems like the show is not promoting, it is actually discouraging. My research has shown that only after eighteen months the show aired, the show led to a 5.7% reduction in teen births. Statistics show that the United States teen birth rate have went down majorly over the past twenty years. Furthermore, many teens are watching the show just to enjoy, not for encouragement. I agree that the show discourages teenage…

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