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  • The Holocaust And The Holocaust

    The Holocaust is a term that refers to the genocide or mass abuse and murder, of approximately 6 million Jewish people who were killed by the Nazi government in Germany and other German occupied territories from 1941 to 1945, during the time of World War II. The term Holocaust is derived from the Greek words holos, meaning whole and kaustos, meaning burnt, and provides an idea of the terrible abuses that the Jewish people were subjected to. The Jewish Hebrew language refers to this episode in history as Shoah, or the catastrophe. Economically, politically, and socially, the U.S. was considered one of the most powerful nations in the world. They were a model of democracy, success, and freedom. After WWI, America made it clear they didn’t…

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  • The Holocaust: The Exaggeration Of The Holocaust

    Holocaust denial The Holocaust was a genocide in which six million Jews were killed by the Nazi regime, controlled by Adolf Hitler and its collaborators; the killings took place through Nazi Germany and German occupied territories. Between 1941 and 1945, Jews were targeted and murdered by the Nazi regime. The Holocaust was divided in various parts; first they passed laws to exclude Jews from civil society, later they started to group them into neighborhoods called ghettos, which were extremely…

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  • The Horrors Of The Holocaust And The Holocaust

    affecting us today. The “Holocaust” began when Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933 and lasted for a dozen blood-drenched years. In that time World War 2 started (1939-1945) and it has received the distinction of being the deadliest war in the history of mankind (60-85 million fatalities). There are not enough words to express the horrors of what took place in those 12 ill-fated years, however, a lack of words must not be a an excuse to forget. It is extremely disheartening…

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  • The Holocaust: The Extermination Of The Holocaust

    This essay endeavours to explore and argue that the Nazi policy of the Holocaust, the extermination of 6 million Jews, was a rational policy due to the fact that those who took part were mentally capable. It is clear when you explore the motives behind the movement and the policy towards the Jews before the so called “final solution” that a passionate hatred existed. Unlike what the question suggests and what is suggested in discussion and some literature around the regime, the actions were not…

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  • The Holocaust: A Discrimination Of The Holocaust

    The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews by the Nazi rule and its collaborators . The Holocaust being merely a culmination of Nazi persecution is true to a large extent and was meticulously planned and preceded by Hitler and his party. Laws of Jewish exclusion were enforced in 1935 and marked the beginning of the Nazi oppression. In1939, Nazi’s then pressured the Jewish society into deportation and Ghettoization before 1942, where…

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  • The Impact Of The Holocaust And The Holocaust

    The Holocaust, which is also known as the Shoah was a very important part of the world’s history and is one of the most commonly known genocides of all time. Following World War One, the economic state of Germany was terrible. Not only were they facing a massive debt, and striving to fix their destroyed economy, but on top of all of their struggles Hitler led them into the Holocaust. At the time, even the families who had a fair income were to the point where they had to use their life savings…

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  • The Holocaust: The Horrors Of The Holocaust

    One of the Most horrific events in history took place in 1933 and didn’t end until twelve years later with over eleven million two hundred and seventy thousand deaths. The holocaust was a global epidemic spread fear though out the world. After the tragedies were over the Bergen Belsen trials took place when the concentration camps were liberated. The trials brought Nazi war criminals to trial and gave justice to all victims of the holocaust. It all began with the holocaust,…

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  • The Consequences Of The Holocaust In The Holocaust

    Often times when it comes to points of great tragedy, no one knew that the tragedy was going to happen. The holocaust is thought of to be, hopefully, one of these situations. The only problem is it is thought to be apparent to the rest of the countries that they should have known that this was happening, or knew it was happening and did not see a huge problem with it. The United States and Britain are often blamed for allowing it to happen. This idea is actual justified, because of their large…

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  • The Holocaust: The Dehumanization Of The Holocaust

    Kevyn Aucoin once said, “Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it, ” Humanity is about choices and being able to make mistakes as well as successes. The Jews during the Holocaust, however, had no opportunity and any revolt against orders resulted in death. The lack of will the Jews…

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  • The Holocaust: The History Of The Holocaust

    The history of The Holocaust raises challenging questions about our responsibilities as a nation to offer refuge and rescue to persecuted people from beyond our borders. America, land of the refuge, offered little assistance to victims under Hitler’s control. American Christians forgot about the Good Samaritan. Even American Jews lacked the sense of urgency the crisis demanded. The Nazis were murderers, but we were all too passive accomplices. Despite a history of providing a shelter to…

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