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  • Kites In The Kite Runner

    Sometimes, a kite is much more than a simple toy. In Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner, a young boy discovers that a kite can mean many things as your perspective changes. As time goes on and people change, a kite acts as a blank canvas, for which one can project their views and sentiments. Even at a young age, Amir, The Kite Runner’s protagonist, knows that kite is not just kite. To Amir, kites represent many different things as he is in different stages of his life. The story speaks to the differences in the way Amir perceives kites as he transitions into adulthood. From pride and envy, to guilt and regret, Amir alters the way he views the world, and the way he views kites, as he begins his path from betrayal to redemption. From the beginning, pride and envy play a big role in Amir’s life. Amir feels as though he is always competing for attention and approval from his father, whom he calls Baba. Amir has mixed feelings about Hassan, his family’s servant, who he grew up with. Though Amir plays with Hassan and treats him almost as he would a friend, there is a disconnect between the two of them. Amir is envious of the concern that Baba shows for Hassan. Not only does Amir feel he is competing with Hassan for Baba’s attention, but he often views Hassan as inferior and less deserving of closeness to Baba. Amir allows pride to govern…

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  • The Kite Runner, And The Kite Runner, By Khaled Hosseini

    takes the center stage, but sometimes, the protagonist’s friend leaves a deeper impression. Similarly, in The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, the title character is Hassan, the buried friend of the protagonist. He is what indirectly drives the entire course of the story. The unusual title shows the emotional journey and character growth of Amir, the protagonist; throughout the story, “the kite runner” changes its meaning for Amir; The kite runner also refers to the selfless love Hassan has for…

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  • The Kite Runner And Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner

    relationship with place. Fathers and sons and The Kite Runner show how the setting can change the dynamics of the characters. In The Kite Runner there is a relationship with Afghanistan and the USA mainly. Baba and Amir have strong ties with Afghanistan and live a lavish lifestyle there. Their relationship with Kabul, Afghanistan symbolizes wealth and power as Baba is one of the richest men in Kabul and as they are the ruling Pashtun class of Afghanistan. Hosseini explores the importance of…

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  • Conflicts In The Kite Runner

    Throughout history people used kites for survival. The kite dates back to 4th/5th (B.C.) Century China. In 196 B.C., General Han Hsin flew a kite over the enemy palace to determine how far his soldiers would need to dig to enter the palace. In 549 A.D., Emporer Wudi of China used a kite during war to request reinforcement. The kite remained a secret from Europe until Marco Polo brought stories of the kite back from China in 1295. America 's history consists of a day when Benjamin Franklin (1752)…

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  • Poverty In The Kite Runner

    Imagine waking up every morning in your salad years, worried, because you don’t know where you’re next meal is coming from, you don’t know where to walk or wander in the midst of war, poverty, and/or violence and you don’t have the resources other children around the world have when faced with education and diseases. You should be lucky you are not one of the 1.5 billion children living in extreme poverty or one of the 25,000 kids that die daily due to the environment they live in. In Khaled…

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  • Quotes In The Kite Runner

    Hosseini’s, The Kite Runner, the main character, Amir, watches Hassan, his best friend and brother, get raped and does nothing to help him. The entire novel really just revolves around how Amir lives his life in the shame of his decision to do nothing when Hassan gets raped. This novel is the prime example for showing just how big of an impact the past can have on the present. The rape of Hassan is an event that happens relatively early in the book but still has a major prevalence throughout…

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  • Redemption In The Kite Runner

    from an evil or sin. In Khaled Hosseini’s novel The Kite Runner, the protagonist, is blamed for his mother’s death and feels that he sinned by killing his mother. She had complications while giving birth which caused her death. Amir’s father, Baba, sees his wife’s spirit in Amir. This makes him miss his wife and resent his son for causing the love of his life to perish. Amir sees himself as superior to his servant friend, Hassan. But, Hassan is the model of a good friend. No matter how much Amir…

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  • Courage In The Kite Runner

    and the heavy doors swing open. The son watches a soldier make suggestive looks toward a woman nearby that make him feel queasy. The father stands up and defends the woman. The terrified son thinks his father will die for his act of bravery, when the soldier points a gun at the father’s head. The son begs his father to sit down, but the father will not budge. Luckily, the soldier’s superior tells him off, and the father is graciously thanked by the woman’s husband. Amir and Baba experienced this…

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  • Struggles In The Kite Runner

    In Literature many characters face struggles with their past and must deal with them. Amir from Khaled Hosseini’s book The Kite Runner must face his past in order to achieve the redemption he so desperately needs. Hosseini uses Amir’s attempts to relieve his guilt, the kite, and Amir’s illness that results from his guilt, to show that despite our past sins there is the possibility for atonement. Throughout the book Amir struggles with the memories and the guilt from his past. Amir tried multiple…

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  • Kite Runner Symbolism

    For centuries, stories have been passed down from generation to generation to be shared around the world. The novel The Kite Runner shows a story of a character, Amir, that through his guilt decides to change his lifestyle so that he can compromise for his mistakes. Khaled Hosseini uses character analysis, symbolism, and theme to create a powerful novel with a strong message, The Kite Runner. In the novel, Hosseini’s main character, Amir, starts off with a distant relationship with his father,…

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