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  • Effects Of Unemployment And Unemployment

    Unemployment and jobs growth: As we can see from the graph below that following the end of the recession in 1991-1992 the percentage of labor force unemployed was considerably high. After that from 1993 till 2008 the labor market condition had mostly strengthened. The percentage of labor force unemployed has significantly dropped from 11 to 4.2. Around 6 million new jobs were created. However, due to the global recession and financial crisis, since 2009, the labor market condition has started weakening with monthly unemployment rising to a high of 5.8 %. Consequently, job vacancies, worked hours, participation rates have declined substantially. In March 2012 monthly unemployment declined to 4.9%. However, it has risen again to 6% in February…

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  • What Is Unemployment And Unemployment Essay

    College Graduates and Unemployment Imagine a student going to high school for 4 years and then applying to colleges and stressing out about the cost of college. Then the student struggles in college to reach the goal of being able to get a real job that will provide for a future family. The student graduates from college, but when they search for a job, the student cannot find one. All of the money paid into college went to waste if the student cannot find a job in the student’s desired field.…

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  • The Impact Of Unemployment

    Unemployment changes after some time as far as reasons, compositions, level of seriousness, and conceivable answers, and in the course of the most recent decade unemployment has both been decreased and has likewise changed its compositions as far as the sorts of commercial enterprises encountering unemployment, and the recommendations for tackling the issue. The problem is that many economists don’t have a set policy on how to diminish the unemployment rate completely or if the unemployment can…

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  • Reasons For Unemployment

    Unemployment in the United States is a serious problem that continues to grow due to a number of reasons. The first major cause is due to job out sourcing overseas, particularly China where the labor costs are extremely low. The next big reason for unemployment in the U.S. is because of the high taxes which rank close to the worst of any country in the world. (A. Krulick, Debt.org) Two of the major financial indicators associated with unemployment are homelessness and starvation. These…

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  • Unemployment Essay

    Unemployment in every case is viewed differently as a good or bad thing depending on a person’s point of view. Some people view and believe that there is a certain level of unemployment. Unemployment can be natural especially, if the unemployed are not skilled and educated for certain jobs. Unemployment can cause a high elevation of unemployment which enforces a major cost to human beings, society and the country as a whole. Depending on how unemployment is measured, people’s view of…

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  • Unemployment Essay

    For the past century, the United States unemployment rate has fluctuation due to many factors ranging from recessions, depressions, and changes in workforce participation. Within the last decade, the United States endured a recession which caused major implications regarding the amount of jobs available and underemployment taking place. The evaluation of the unemployment of the United States takes into account many factors that many people tend to over look due to the extensive process. As of…

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  • The Implications Of Unemployment

    "HIRING NOW." How often do we see a "HIRING NOW" sign? Ever since the decrease of jobs in America the congress has being presenting possible ways to create more jobs. In her recent post about unemployment, Marcela S. Kreiter, mentions that, " about 37.7 percent of the unemployed have been out of work for at least 27 weeks-- the long-term unemployed-- and number 3.9 million individuals" (The Issue: Extended Unemployment Benefits-- When will the congress Act?, 2014). The news channels itself have…

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  • The Importance Of Unemployment

    Where Unemployment Hits Hardest Downsized. Pink-slipped .Fired or maybe you’re just not having any luck searching for a good job. Unemployment is a hurt that is shared by many Americans. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the unemployment rate in the month of September was 5.9%. There are certain types of categories that people may fall into that may be considered as unemployed. Unemployment is shared equally by all kinds of people. It does not matter age, race, or even where…

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  • The Effects Of Unemployment

    Unemployment has been an ongoing problem even before the Great Depression, it just wasn’t officially tracked until the Great Depression came about. Unemployment can be tough on an individual or a family, for they don’t know how they can provide for their family. While the government tries to help with unemployment, it is still there and present. Unemployment has not only affected an individual, but as a whole to the U.S. The U.S government hasn’t officially started tracking unemployment…

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  • Reason For Unemployment

    Unemployment is one of the biggest issues at hand in United State of America. Unemployment is when an individual gets fired, quits his/her job or is in the process of looking for jobs but unable to find anything. Unemployment is a common issue in any economy, even in a healthy economy there are many citizens that are unemployed but when the unemployment rate starts to increase that becomes the real issue. Unemployment occurs due to many different reasons. Now a day technology is becoming a big…

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