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  • Perseverance Essay Examples

    This Way, That Way, Wrong Way, Tea Party… What? I felt like Alice trying to find her way around in Wonderland every time I had to write an essay. Teachers always gave us very broad and generic topics, and every time I was left clueless as to what to write. There were so many possibilities and many directions to go, I felt like Alice trying to follow the signs. Every time I asked my teacher to explain the topic more to me, I felt like I was speaking to Cheshire Cat, and that didn’t help. I would go back to my desk feeling even more confused than before. I hated writing. I only wrote on a need-to-write basis, and only because my grade depended on it. I was always given a boring topic I didn’t care for, never was I taught that there was a way to make that topic mine, a way to embrace it and incorporate it into my own experiences. It seemed…

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  • Feminist Stereotypes

    Unlike number ten from All Diva Media’s ‘Top 10 Feminist Stereotypes’, I am not a man hater – in fact, I was the only girl allowed to play with the boys as I was related to their ‘leader’. When I was little, my cousin, who was a grade older than me, was sort of like the leader of the few boys we had our split class. I never realized that I was being treated differently from all the other girls in my class. My classmates seemed to simply accepted the fact that I was the only girl allowed to play…

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  • Time Management Research Paper

    Time Management Paper Time management is an important necessity when it comes to surviving college. It is important to know when to study, where to study, and how to deal with procrastination. It is also important to have a strategy when getting stuck or needing help. The best time to study for me would be right after classes, or in between the hours of 12 and 3 p.m. I find it easier to function in between these hours because my classes are usually over for the day, and I have a complete…

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  • FCT Test

    Teacher can make sure that students know what is going to be ask from them in this test. In this case a FCAT 2.0 Science test for 5th grade was taken, to see how they present the ideas for this students. This test is a good practice for the students and serves as a guide to the teacher to make sure that the content in the test is been tough in the classroom. Using this, students will become familiar with the content and more comfortable when they have to take the real exam. The exam taken…

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  • High School Memories Essay

    then I thought it was going to. My grades slowly when down the drain, I didn 't care what my grades were until I realized if I didn 't get my act together I would be spending my whole summer vacation in summer school because I didn 't care what my grades were. In high school, my grades weren’t as the best than other individuals. Throughout my high school years, I had progressed. Freshman year I didn’t…

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  • The Importance Of Sports And Physical Activity

    “Good sportsmanship provides guidelines that can be generalized to classroom and lifelong achievement” (Rimm). The desire of winning in a sport carries on to the classroom as an academic challenge. Students strive to be the best both on the field and in the classroom. Sports teach kids to function and adapt in a competitive society. “The world of sports mirrors how one can play the game of school and life” (Rimm). Self-discipline is a trait acquired in participating in sports and physical…

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  • Importance Of Letter Grades

    Letter grades existed long before we are born. According to Mark W. Durm, “1883—At Harvard there is a reference to a student making a B. This apparently was the first use of a letter for a grade that can be found” (1). There are many great leaders attended schools and received letter grades; even our grand parents might have received letter grades in their life. Many people attended school and grew up with grades and every one of us is very familiar with grades. We fought for good grades to get…

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  • Self Disclosure Essay

    received a B on one of my assignments, and I was disappointed in myself. My roommate stated “you got a B, so what, that’s not bad at all, I wish I could always get B’s” I was disappointed because I know I am capable of doing A work. She then asked me why I strive so hard to get A’s when B’s are just as good. I told her that my father was big on education and he expected A’s out of me. Ever since the passing of my father my sixth grade year I have strived for excellence in school. I had to…

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  • The Importance Of Academic Resilience In School

    So, if a student enjoys coming to school and enjoys engaging in the material being taught, that student is more than likely going to pay close attention, study, and properly learn the content and commit it to memory. This would result, obviously, in high grades. “Enjoyment of school is a feasible between-network, school related cognitive-affective ‘outcome’ construct that shapes students’ willingness to attend school as well as the goals they have in relation to their academic experience while…

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  • Theories And Practices Of Multimodal Education: Critical Analysis

    I would be able to give my students feedback in a more beneficial way than simply circling a grade on a rubric, because the suggestions and praises in my recording would be authentic and real time. There is not only audio, but video as well. My students would be able to see exactly what I see on my screen while I am going over their assignment and grading it. This gives them the opportunity to see what different areas of the assignment that I point out in order for them to see their mistakes and…

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