What Do I Value Most in Life Essay

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  • My Core Values

    Core Values I have many core values, but 3 of them really mean the most when it comes to my life. My biggest core value is finishing high school and going to college. Another core value is my family and friends who support me through everything I do. My last core value is making sure I am happy and living my life to the fullest. My core values affect my decisions for what school I will be attending for college and so the classes I take now, or managing my time. When it comes to my core values, it’s how I live my day-to-day life. I often question my core values and if there really values that I live by, and they are. These are things I look back on to make sure I am doing what I’m supposed to in school and outside of school. They often change,…

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  • Life Essay: What Is The Value Of A Human Life

    Value of life What is the value of life? The value of life can be seen in many different perspectives. Common sense seems to dictate that the value of life is based on financial income not morality. Many people assume that there is no sense of morality when they put a price on a life. We live in a world where people come from different cultures, morals, and traditions; it is impossible for us to be the same. Every life is worth the same. No life is worth the same. Some lives are worth less…

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  • My Personal Plan

    In this paper I will be covering my plan for the next five years and describing what I’m going to do with what I’ve got. I will begin by explaining which values are internally and persistently most important to me as well as describing them in depth. After reviewing my values, I will describe the moral codes and rules that have been introduced to me through my culture and which I try to abide by in order to improve the quality of my personality. Then I will vividly describe what I imagine my…

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  • Importance Of Professionalism In Work

    Steve Maraboli once said, “Never compromise your values.” Values are the things that are important to us, motivators that make us act or take action. They are qualities that people crave and that they pursue through actions in which they engross, in the situations in which they live, and in the articles which they obtain. Ultimately, values are associated with interest, however, they fluctuate in that they are qualities pursued rather than the activities or objects which symbolize them, thus…

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  • My Value In Life

    once said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” These are the words that come to mind when I think about my future and my abilities to achieve my goals. However, it was not so easy for me to discover what exactly those goals were. Then, I wrote my personal mission statement. This helped me discover who I am and the person I want to be. There are many things I value in life, such as; my family, my education, encouragement, compassion, kindness and people who like to help others. Albert…

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  • My Values In Everyday Life

    Holding my values close to my heart make me who I am and make me appreciate having these things in my life. Although it was hard to narrow it down to just five values I chose the ones that I feel like I involve in my everyday life. Five values that I consider most important to me are family, friendship, school, health, and enjoyment. If I had to choose three from this list that are less important I would choose school, health, and enjoyment. I chose these three as being less important because…

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  • Values In My Home Case Study

    What are the most prominent values in my home? What core values, related to nursing as a career, do I have? The most prominent values in my home are integrity, communication, and ambition. These core values shape me into the person I am today, and are related to the nursing career. For example, as a nurse one must have integrity. A nurse needs to be able admit when they make a mistake because the patient’s life is in their hands. The patient is the top priority; not the health care…

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  • Values And Values

    Values are the set of beliefs and morals that people use to drive their decision making. What some people see as a significant value in their life, others may not. People can also share similar values with one another. Where a person is born and who that person is around the most, can influence that person’s values and beliefs. These values can change over time and can continue to change throughout the person’s life. Parents, religion, and educational views can also persuade someone into having…

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  • The Importance Of My Values In My Life

    shaped my values as well as ethical principles. As I am growing older, I am holding on to some of the same values, while also creating ones true to myself. I have always seemed to want to do the right thing for everyone involved in most situations since I was a child; my family was a big part of this assessment. Yet, I am still not finished finding myself. Therefore, some of my values may be adjusted overtime. As a future social worker, I desire to gain more professional values and ethical…

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  • An Example Of My Core Values In My Life

    I am a woman that is always self-evaluating, and working to better myself. Some of my core values are Faith, Family, Growth, and Broad-mindedness. These are some of the most important values that I strive to practice in my everyday life. Faith is by far the most important core value in my life. My relationship with my lord, and savior is number one. I would not have the amazing life I have now if it were not for him. Being able to communicate with him anytime I need to, helps me through the…

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