What Does Independence Mean to You Essay

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  • Reflective Essay About Independence

    I do not choose independence. I never have, never will. Instead, I am embraced by it, and I am forced to accept it for what it is. It has become a burden, but one that, should I choose to abandon, I will lose the right to hold myself to every belief that I currently follow with great sentiment. I do not like who I have become, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. All of this, because of independence. The bulking sword that it is can be wielded by the mightiest of oral warriors to a large extent; to persuade others of a cause, to make enemies tremble in fear, to prove their worth. And yet, when in the possession of someone that isn’t deemed worthy of this endowment, it loses all of it’s power. And yet I continue to wield it. Maybe because…

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  • Why Do You Want To Declare Independence

    Right after America declared their independence from the British, the government also included Americans right to pursue happiness as one of the most important privileges. This promise has not been kept because it does not seem that Americans are happy today. Even though happiness is not a gift that the government can give to its citizens, it is up them to step out of the way and allow its citizens to create their own happiness. Americans have to fight to pursue their true happiness. This is…

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  • Free Summary: Boucher Vs. Me

    still be under England's rule. Jonathan Boucher believed that being under England's rule was God's plan. He said that every man should obey the government because that is what God wants. He says that when Christians disobey ordinances from the government, they disobey God as well. My question to Boucher would be if that was true then why so many English did people flee England for religious freedom? Why did England not want to give the colonies representation in parliament? England wanted to…

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  • How Independent Is Independence Essay

    How Independent IS Independence? The United States is considered to have one of the best constructed governments on Earth. Unlike many countries, all citizens of the US get their own set of rights along with a sense of protection and tranquility. There is a reason the Star Spangled Banner ends with “O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave?” (Key 8) Along with our freedom, we are known worldwide for gaining independence from one of the greatest armies and navies of the time, Great…

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  • The United States, Independence, And Declaration Of Independence Vs. Constitution

    it is the only safeguard of our liberties.” This quote, said by Abraham Lincoln, clearly describes one of America’s main duties, which is to not interfere with the Constitution and uphold the Constitution. But as you look at what America is doing today, you will find that the that the United States’ government is not doing such a splendid job at upholding the principles of government established in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. It is debated across the entire United States,…

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  • The Freedom And Right To Follow Your Dream

    What Makes You American (The Freedom and Right to Follow Your Dreams) What does it mean to be a citizen? What does it mean to be a part of a country? I believe that being a citizen is much more than just living in the same country for a certain number of years. There could be several ways ' people could define a citizen. For example, people might say that being a citizen means that you take act in good deeds and make your country a better place. Working hard to donate to your country is also…

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  • Introspection And Independence Essay

    A Word on Introspection and Independence “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I am sure that the majority of us ran into this question dozens of times during our childhood. When I was younger the answer would come to me as easy as saying my name. A veterinarian or a ranch owner or a writer, I had many phases. Conversely, if you asked me that question now that I am seventeen years old, the only answer I’d give you would be a shrug of shoulders. How come now, that I am only a few months…

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  • The Importance Of Independence In Boston Public Schools

    What does it mean to be independent to you? What first of all what does independence even look like? Being independent comes in different shapes and form for everyone but what does it look like for Boston Public Schools? Boston Public High School cuts students short on independence. Choosing when and how students learn certain things, forcing one 's body to become accustomed to when it 's time to eat and when it 's okay to use the bathroom. Being independent is being able to take any situation…

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  • Youth Culture: Transition To Adulthood

    from older generations, and is often associated with the idea of being a period of time in your life that transitions you from child to adulthood. Or, as the functionalist Eisenstadt phrases it, it is the transitory stage in which children transition to adulthood. It is also important to note that the ideology surrounding youth culture is distinct from the idea of sub cultures, the functionalism view point emphasising this via the idea of a homogenous group. However, youth subcultures can be…

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  • The Influence Of The Declaration Of Independence

    4th, 1776, the Unites States of America officially declared their independence from Britain. The path leading up to that day was wrought with previous wars, boycotts, colonial taxes, massacre’s, and the first continental congress meetings. These specific events contributed towards the convening of 50 representatives from various colonies to declare independence. All the colonies frustrations, unalienable rights, and freedoms represented in one document. But do these rights and freedoms apply to…

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