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  • Cicero's Ethics: What Is Justice?

    What is Justice? In Cicero’s book On Obligations, he states that “the primary function of justice is to ensure that no one harms his neighbour unless he has himself been unjustly attacked. Its second concern is that communal property should serve communal interests and that private property private interests,” (9). Using this definition of justice, he is able to relate things that are honorable to things that are useful, which helps him as he writes to his son about what a man is obligated to do in order to be a good citizen. He defines this obligation in two levels as “the highest aim among goods,” (Cicero 5) and “the moral guidance which can shape our daily lives in all their aspects.” (Cicero 5) The issue he comes up with is that when deciding what one is obliged to do, they must decide between doing the honorable or the useful thing. He continues to describe that justice is one of the four “cardinal” virtues that “kindle and fashion the honourable conduct which we seek.” (Cicero 7) He also later goes on to state that anything a man does that is good will be useful to him, and that to do something…

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  • What Is The Concept Of Justice In Plato's Republic

    Plato’s “Republic” is centered around the notion of justice and how it is beneficial to individuals. The main purpose of the book is to bring forth the conception of what is referred to as “just state.” The book is written in a dialogue form where Plato writes about the different arguments Socrates makes in regards to justice. As humans, we have strong intuitions when we are dealing with matters relating to justice and moral uprightness. Intuitions are influential in what we consider to be…

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  • What Is The Future Of Criminal Justice

    What does the future hold for the criminal justice system? For some the answer is that nothing will change. The though is that the prisons will continue to be overcrowded, there will continue to be a decrease in management as well as no substantial change in leadership and that there will be an influx of younger, more violent offenders entering the system. The criminal justice is in need of overhaul. This is true of the system from the aspect of the victim to the offender to the officers…

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  • What Are The Roles Of A Psychologist In Criminal Justice

    The study of psychology in law develops the roles in the criminal justice system. Psychologist who work in the criminal justice field may end up working in law enforcement, corrections or in the court system, each of these three fields incorporates different aspects of the legal system. The psychologist in criminal justice field studies the offenders, victims, law enforcement employees, juror expert witnesses, prison guards, judges and parole officers. The examination discoveries of a…

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  • What Are The Three Components Of The Criminal Justice System

    These three components: law enforcement, corrections, and the court are all part of the criminal justice system. They all have their own purposes but at the end are related and reflected back to one mindset. According to the article The Criminal Justice System, “The criminal justice system is the set of agencies and processes established by governments to control crime and impose penalties on those who violate laws” (The Criminal Justice System). Within the criminal justice system, there are two…

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  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Criminal Justice System

    Through the criminal justice system, when an individual has broken the law and committed a crime and is found guilty of that crime, they are held accountable for their criminal behavior and activities. Usually, through the use of a judicial decision, the offender is sentenced to undergo a certain penalty to insure the preventation of any and all future criminal activity. The shear purpose of sentencing is not only to punish the criminal and insure the deterrence of future criminal activity, but…

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  • What Are The Three Major Components Of The Criminal Justice System

    In the following paper you will see the correlations between the three major components of the Canadian criminal justice system. First we must examine each of the components of the criminal justice system alone before we get to understand how they overlap together. First of all, there is the police, the courts and the corrections. The police are the law enforcers and maintainers of order throughout Canada. There are three levels of policing in Canada; municipal, provincial and federal, there…

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  • What Does Serial Say About The Justice System Case Study

    What does Serial say about our Justice system? Serial shows that our justice system does not always work and is often times considered broken. Locke, Phil. "Why I Think the US Justice System Is Broken - and Why It 's Not Getting Fixed." Wrongful Convictions Blog. Ed. Nancy Petro. N.p., 20 Feb. 2013. Web. 16 Nov. 2015. Summary: In this Article, Mr. Locke argues that there are fourteen reasons that the justice system is broken. While his first points are rather lengthy they get much shorter…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Criminal Justice

    officers, for example, are presumed to see an 18% increase over the next decade. Criminal justice jobs will always be needed in today 's society due to their high demand every…

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  • What Is The Reflection Of The Criminal Justice Class?

    There has been an abundance of classes that have helped me the most during my college career. Almost all of the criminal justice classes that I have taken have proven to help me. The classes that have been the most helpful were Criminal Justice 202, Criminal Justice 204, and Criminal Justice 345 and Criminal Justice 401. In the fall of 2013 I took Criminal Justice 202 with Paula Broussard. Criminal Justice 202 is a class about Ethics in the Criminal Justice System. I think that this class…

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