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  • Alfred Jules Ayer: Ordinary And Constrained Actions

    Alfred Jules Ayer is one of the many philosophers throughout history who have attempted to analyze the concept of free will. He believed that free will is prominent within humans and that it is compatible with determinism. This compatibility stems from the idea that free will should be relative to constraint rather than causation, which free will is more often considered relative to. Ayer successfully defends his claims about free will by first breaking down the issue of free will, then defining his idea of constraint. He further argues that there is a difference between ordinary caused action and constrained action. This ideology, that there is a distinction between ordinary and constrained, is the main critique point for many who do not subscribe to Ayer’s beliefs. However, Ayer’s defense for this argument follows the idea that with a full conceptual understanding of these two terms, a distinction is quite prevalent. The issue of free will begins within the understanding of determinism, a commonly held theory that claims that all actions are caused by previous states of affairs or events. If determinism is true, then persons cannot be held morally responsible for their actions as they did not have any choice in them. Another common belief is that of indeterminism,…

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  • The Importance Of God: The Creator Of Man's Mind

    This then leads us back to the nature if God. Some would ask, “God can do all things and be all things then how can man be in the image of God if we cannot act outside our nature?” Likewise God cannot act outside his nature. God cannot lie. And yes, even God cannot create a rock that he cannot lift. God is infinite and nothing can be greater than infinite. So the rock cannot exist. God can do all things possible, He cannot do the stupid and impossible. Those things outside his nature are…

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  • Argument Essay Education For Everyone

    Everyone should be able to have equal opportunity. This is why there should be no cost for receiving a college education. The general argument made by Carol Roth in the article “Free Community College Isn’t Free...and it’s a Bad Idea” is that saying that college will be free when it really won’t, and it will cause more problems and evidently not solve any current problems. She states that nothing is really ever free because there has to be someone paying for the programs that the schools are…

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  • Augustine De Libero Arbitrio Analysis

    but man is to blame because he abuses the free will that God has given him. In this essay, I will explore the background of De libero arbitrio and what influenced St. Augustine to write the first book; I will also discuss to what conclusions St. Augustine and his colleagues arrived when they explored the origin of evil. De libero arbitrio is a composition consisting of three different books. The first book was written in the winter of 387-388. Augustine wrote the first book based on…

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  • Difference Between Liberitarianism And Christian Views On Free Will

    from within” ( Throughout history free will has been debated by average people, Christians, non Christians and philosophers. There are conflicting views on the matter of free will some say free will does not exist because our life has been predetermined while others believe free will does exist and we are able to be in control over our decisions and actions. There is both a libertarian view and a compatibilist view. In this essay I will look at the question “Should Christians think humans have…

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  • Hard Determinism, Libertarianism And The Ideas Of Beliefs And Philosophy

    incorporating ideas from hard determinism, libertarianism, and compatibilism it can be established that all of these are applicable in certain situations. However, I believe we must hold eachother accountable and be responsible for ourselves but at the same time be aware of extraneous forces and the possible randomness of the universe that makes responsibility somewhat impossible. The first response is known as hard determinism, or as Paul Holbach refers to it “the illusion of free will”. Hard…

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  • The Concept Of Free Will

    Does free will exist? As humans came to enlightenment, the concept of free will concerned many philosophers’ thoughts, especially in philosophy of religion. Many came to question, whether humans have free will or they just do what needs to be done based on God’s plan. Therefore, many philosophers assume that the meaning of free will is the ability to choose to do something with one’s desire or to be free to choose. Moreover, people have different minds and different views about the idea of free…

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  • The Morality Of Free Will Vs. Determinism

    Free will has always been something that I thought was obvious to be true. However, after learning different perspectives and theories about the matter, I am not so confident in my conclusion. Free will versus determinism has been debated by philosophers for millennia. These major ideas of discussion have a variety of different interpretations. Whether we are deciding between major, life changing paths, or simply, opting to wear a sweater instead of a t-shirt on a given day; the selections we…

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  • Mars And Human Free Will In Virgil's The Aeneid

    warfront during final battle between the Latins and the Trojans. Bloodshed at all costs, yet ruthless Mars prolongs the chaos while being the source of it as well. The other deities sit in the halls of Jove, looking down on the mortals. They are “filled with pity”(X.898) while watching the mortals fight a battle manipulated by the gods themselves. Amidst the chaos, I will argue that humans only have a superficial free will because the choices they make always becomes ministerial, for the gods…

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  • Evil: Evil, Suffering, And Evil

    I believe that it is needed and that God should not take it away. If he were to taking it away, then he would be taking away our free will. I do not see my God as all-controlling. I can look to him for answers and it is up to us as humans to do the same. If we chose to look to him, he can guide us to the right decision. We can do this to help combat the moral and natural evils in our world that are there because of free will. We need evil and suffering in our world because it allows us to grow…

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