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  • The Pros And Cons Of Free Writing

    What exactly is free writing? It is a stepping stone, that helps writers step away from the notorious writer’s block and create a new beginning. When one is free writing they are advised to write continuously for a certain period of time without pausing regardless of reason. More often then not these free write produce nothing but random thoughts going through our heads but they create a gateway to a fresh start. We will take two essays, Elbow’s “FREEWRITING” and Lamott 's “Shitty First Drafts” and create an essay on their theories of free writing and will analyze their similarities and differences on when, how, and why we should free write. Peter Elbow believes that free writing should be done “at least three times a week…for ten minutes.”…

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  • Peter Elbow How To Easily Boost Your Writing Skills Analysis

    to easily boost your Writing Skills: Peter Elbow wrote many books about writing, including Free Writing. He talks about how editing during writing has an effect on the final product of a paper because of this he suggests free writing as the solution. He discusses ways to break the habit of editing during producing a paper. His essay about editing really was able to get me thinking. I thought about my previous and my current writing experience I have had so far. I also thought about how his…

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  • The Importance Of Free Writing

    Writing never really comes onto the paper like how it comes to my mind, I wish I was able to put my thoughts onto the paper exactly how I see them in my head. Sometimes I do a really good job in expressing my thoughts, but at other times it just seems like a bunch of random rambling going on. That 's exactly how I am in person when I talk so I guess my writing matches my personality perfectly. Although I don 't consider myself a writer I do enjoy writing.…

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  • Reflective Perspective On Writing

    Retrospective Essay The goal of this course was to teach us the proper way to write, to help us communicate more efficiently in the business world, and to teach how to join the “never-ending conversation”. This class has already accomplished that and much more. Not only have we covered almost all of the course goals, excluding synthesis which will be covered soon; we have been challenged to think about more advanced topics, to stay current in the world, and to discern information for…

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  • Free Association Experience

    I have spent countless hours in counseling sessions. Discussing the past and current events of my life. Analyzing my memories and deciphering my thoughts. Trying to understand how my thought processes came into being. Although I appreciate the different perspectives my therapists have shown me. The largest leaps I have made were throughout my own contemplations with the help of what is known as the Free Association method used in Psychoanalysis. Free writing has truly given me the means to alter…

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  • My Love Of Writing: The Worst Years Of My School

    to other people about my thoughts and feelings. I’m fairly certain that my love for writing really started in the 6th grade, which was one of the worst years of my life. That was the year I was severely bullied by girls who were higher up on the popularity totem pole than myself. They played sports and all the teachers loved them, so a lot of them looked past what they said about me in class. It got to the point where I was skipping school, cutting class, and even cried in the bathroom because I…

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  • My Struggle In Reading And Writing

    for papers; my writing style is very condensed and it is incredibly difficult for me to expand my ideas to a specific length. While writing the first paper, I struggled with meeting the length requirement because I was writing about something I wasn’t passionate about. But to my surprise, the second and third paper were much easier to write, and much easier to reach the length requirement. What I learned from taking this class is that, writing can actually be very stress-free and natural if you…

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  • Solomon Northup: Similarities Between The Slaves And Solomon Northup

    beaten, sold, looked down upon as if they were not human, just because of the complexion of their skins. There were numerous people of African descent that were actually considered free in the U.S. They were still kidnapped and put to slavery. One of those people was Solomon Northup. However, even with slavery many African people accomplished great things…

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  • 5 Paragraph Essay On Creativity

    that one as a writer should just freewrite and write down whatever one is thinking and It does not matter if it sounds weird. LaMott believes that you should write everything down and once you are done…

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  • Frederick Douglass Narrative Of The Expected Life

    follows the life of a freed slave whose biggest intent in life ws learning how to read and write. This former slave endured many adversities, witnessed many horrifying events, and went through a tortuous life before becoming the exceptional writer he is known as today. Frederick Douglass's defiance, perseverance, and intelligence ultimately helped him escape slavery by helping him learn to read and write which seemed impossible during the 1800s. Defiance is something most people would say is a…

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