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  • Insurance Fraud Essay

    Insurance fraud is the act of committed any fraud with the intent to obtain a fraudulent, obtained by or involving deception, especially criminal deception, with the outcome of an insurance process. Insurance fraud occurs most often when a person makes a false of exaggerated. Customers can also commit insurance fraud through the sale of unlicensed insurance coverage to clients who are unaware or an insurance broker or agent can take premiums paid by a client. Typically, police and prosecutors refer to insurance fraud as “hard fraud” or “soft fraud”. More serious than soft fraud, hard fraud involves someone faking an accident, injury, theft, arson, etc., then they collect the money illegally from insurance companies. Often done alone, but organized…

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  • Arson Assignment

    Please take into consideration my submission on the enforcement of tighter laws around the crime of Arson. I am writing to you because there is a great concern for the amount of Arson related crimes that are occurring within the state of Tasmania. Statistics show that more than half of Tasmania is above average in fires per year compared with all of the other states in Australia (Australian Bureau of Meteorology, 2015). Tightening the laws around Arson, will most definitely guarantee Tasmania…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Health Insurance In America

    Americans are not getting the insurance coverage they deserve or that they need. Health insurance is needed in america to help people pay for certain medical expenses ranging from medicine to hospital stays. The cost of a surgery or an x-ray is a lot more than most people can pay out of pocket. Health care costs are rapidly increasing causing more people to switch to a less expensive health care plan. Making it harder for families to get medicine and go see a doctor because they just can not…

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  • Apollo Shoes Case Report

    Mrs. Wardlaw, I am reaching out to you today to discuss the possibility of fraud within the Apollo Shoes financial statements. After reading through some company documents in preparation of this Audit I have noticed multiple red flags that although in themselves do not constitute fraud outright, they do demand that we investigate this issues further to ensure fraud is not taking place. Through my initial research I believe the possibility of fraud at Apollo Shoes to be very high, and as such we…

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  • Unemployment Policy Essay

    With this policy people would be getting around $500 a month which is about $125 a week. That is much lower than what some states are giving the unemployed. Even though the policy says indefinitely people would be much more likely to seek work since they aren’t getting enough money to live off of each month. This policy would simply be helping people make it long enough to get a job. Additionally, Thompson (2010) writes, “But in an economy with five unemployed for every job opening, Americans…

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  • The Negative Effects Of The System Crash Ebay

    keep hackers away from the system. Since this system have bank, credit cards and debit card information. Just as like is great to have international sells. It also have its threats, eBay receive some of its income from foreign operations. The money is then send back to the United States to be converted into dollars and it could be affected by the exchange rate. If the currency change the dollar value change as well. Which it an affect the company because they can lose money. Feedback …

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Pharmaceutical Industry

    Proper promotion and success of certain drugs can increase revenue which can allow the growth of more job opportunities with better wages. The industry can also help maintain and improve a person’s health. But on the contrary, the pharmaceutical industry can bring forth a lot of scandal, fraud and greediness, only worried about making profit and nt caring enough for consumers. References * Capali, Nicholas. (2003). Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics in the Pharmaceutical…

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  • Moral Dilemmas: Summary: Delete Parentheticals And Slavery

    illustrate that the common belief was that slavery was just another industry and not an immoral act of forced enslavement of human beings, historian Eric Williams found that the majority of the English population approved of slavery in the late 18th century solely due to the fact that its economic advantages outweighed any small moral qualms. Rather than fight against an institution that dehumanized millions, many Englishmen ignored those harms so they themselves could attempt to profit from…

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  • Disadvantages Of White Collar Crime

    However, they all are similar in that they occur in the work place, and the offenders committing the crime are motivated by financial gain (White-Collar Crime, 2016). Many white-collar criminals are smooth talkers, and can finesse their own gain (Sutherland, 1940, p. 10). A big factor of white-collar crime is fraud. Fraud is criminally deceiving systems so that which a person will receive a financial gain. One of the highest offending categories among fraud is corporate fraud (White-Collar…

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  • Arthur Holmes's Murders

    On November 17, 1894, the notorious H. H. Holmes was arrested for the murder of B.F. Perry (Cipriani 1). What was first thought to be a case of insurance fraud quickly spiraled into a murder investigation, prompting the discovery of Holmes’ “Murder Castle” and the numerous bodies found within its walls. To this day, it is still unknown how many murders Holmes is responsible for. After his arrest, he confessed to the murders of 29 people; however, authorities believe that he may be responsible…

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